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Products and Services

At CM Partner, we provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions that guarantee timely and high-quality services at a cost-effective rate. With our strategically positioned facilities in South Korea, Mexico, and the United States, we offer global coverage.

Precision Electronics Manufacturing with High Speed SMT Solutions

Our state-of-the-art high speed SMT lines are designed for precise placement of electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). Whether you need rapid soldering or mounting of small electronic components, SMT provides the ideal solution for your manufacturing needs.

3D AOI: Quality Inspection at Every Stage

3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system meticulously examines each printed circuit board (PCB) for any faults or quality defects. This non-contact testing method is executed at every stage of the production process to guarantee the finest quality of our products.

Cost-Effective PCBA for Reliable Electronics Assembly

Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) process offers our clients a cost-effective solution with high reliability. We assemble and solder various electronic components to the circuit board for seamless electronic integration.

Wave Soldering: Precise PCB Component Soldering

Wave soldering is a process where the circuit board is passed over a wave of molten solder, resulting in the precise soldering of components to the printed circuit board. This method eliminates the need for adhesives to secure components.

Error-Free Assembly with In-Circuit Testing

In-Circuit Testing involves individual testing of each component through automated equipment. An electrical probe is used to test the printed circuit board assembly for correct fabrication.

Ensure Performance with Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a process that assesses the performance of components against predetermined functional requirements to verify compliance with specifications. The objective is to identify and rectify any functional issues.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service